INKIND - What is it?

Head Start receives essential monetary credit for your volunteer time and donations. This is called INKIND. Your child's teacher and family advocate will assist you in becoming familiar with the ways we keep a record of your in-kind. If you have a professional skill (dentist, teacher, nurse, etc.) please allow your child's teacher or family advocate to make a copy of your credentialing to go in our in-kind records. We receive a larger credit for specialized skills.


Your volunteer time is normally measured per hour at Teacher Assistant wage plus benefits. We must meet 25% of our budget with in-kind credit.


There are many ways to assist us in raising in-kind.


Here are some ideas:

  • Classroom aide

  • Planning special events

  • Building cleaning or repair

  • Do parent/teacher planned activities at home

  • Monitary INKIND Donatations.

Dollar Per Child
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NHSA's advocacy for Head Start is funded exclusively by your Dollar per Child contributions.


Convincing Congress, and voters who are leery of any national program, is extraordinarily difficult these days. That’s why we need a dollar per child - one dollar for each of the million children in the Head Start program across the nation.


Where do your contributions go?

Some of the actions your Dollar per Child contribution enabled us to take in recent years:

  • In 2013 Dollar Per Child organized Stroll-in and Hands-in activities, on a national scale, to demonstrate the effects of sequestration

  • Represented the interests of Head Start children on more than 120 Congressional visitson Capitol Hill in 2014

  • In 2014, 33 media pieces, letters to the editor and op-eds were directly supported by the NHSA media team

  • ln 2014, 65 conversations were held with the Head Start field, academics, think tanks and policy makers in preparation for Head Start’s next reauthorization

  • Perhaps most importantly of all, continue to provide a unified voice for millions of Head Start children


INKIND Donation - Coming Soon
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